Celestica [include Entity] ~ Internal Job Posting


To                                 :  All employees

From                             :  Resourcing Team


Work Location               :  [insert Location of Work]

Position  Title                :  [insert position title - external title]

Job Band                       :  [insert job band]

Reporting Manager         :  [insert hiring manager name, position title]



Position Summary:

      [insert position summary]

       << attached JD.xls >>

Application Closing date: [insert closing date]



How to Apply for Internal Job Postings:

      If you are interested in applying for the above internal positions and meet the eligibility criteria under Celestica Internal Transfer Guidelines, please submit a completed Internal Job Application form together with your manager's approval and your most updated resume to the site recruiters. 



                  Karen Kor, kkor@celestica.com

                  Gwen Gwan, gwansh@celestica.com

                  Nancy Chua, nchua@celestica.com


The guidelines and Internal Job Application form may be found at HR:reQuest (need to state url) and the forms as attached.

       << attached internal job application form.xls >>

How to refer qualified candidates/friends:

If you would like to refer your friends for the positions under Celestica Employee Referral Program, there are several ways to do so:

1) Refer your friends to Celestica Asia Job Portal www.celestica-careers.com to apply for the position online and indicate you as the referral, OR

                  2) Submit their softcopy resume to resourcing personnel personally


The details of the program can be obtained from HR:reQuest (need to state URL). 


Other Celestica Asia Job Openings, kindly visit www.celestica-careers.com for more details.